Industrial design 


Company profile of Letdooo Sports and Science Co., LTDLetdooo Sports and Science (Letdooo) is a company who specializes in the developmentand production of intelligent hardware, computer mobile phone peripheral products andprecision plastics manufacturers.Letdooo Sports and Science has a strong technical research and development strength,committed to the integration of human engineering technology into industrial design, providesall customers with more competitive products. Its products range from industrial equipment,consumer electronics, healthy life, communications, IT electronics, gifts, fashion consumption,daily necessaries to public facilities and other fields. The company mainly develops peripheral product of all kinds of computer mobile phones, andprovides OEM, ODM services for customers at home and abroad with the company’s technologyresearch and development platform. In OEM production, the company strictly abides by the qualitystandards, and we have standard operating procedures and quality control procedures; meanwhilewe strictly abide by our commitments and protect our customers’ trade secrets and interests.